let's wait it out

When you Google the word 'productivity' you get over 315,000,000 results in .74 seconds.  A barrage of articles, videos, podcasts, books and blogs load; all in hopes of saving us from our lazy selves.  But why?  Why are we conditioned to believe that procrastination is bad?  That laziness is a vice, a sin we should all be absolved of.

What if we are meant to take it easy, to relax?  To do ‘it’ when we 'get to it' instead of with that lightning speed, steadfast, caffeinated fashion that seems to be all the rage.  Since when did slowing down become such a faux pas?  When did relaxing morph into a guilty pleasure?  When did we start having to earn our pass time?

I say let’s wait it out, sleep in, do nothing guilt free and incorporate more nothing into our self-love routine.  Sometimes it is in the stillness that we are the most productive, it is in the silence that we begin to recognize what sets our hearts on fire.

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With Love,