9 little things I learned from my mother

We all practice a way of life that we've inherited from our parents and or culture that we treat as a kind of secular gospel.  My hope is that my little habits help make me a better citizen, friend and human.  The below is a list of little things I do that I’ve learned from my mother.  They are as much a part of me as my own skin.

1. Gracious Guest
If I'm a guest in someone's home, I never show up empty handed.  It doesn't have to be some grand gesture, but brining a little something with me always adds a little more sparkle to my visit.

2. Gracious Host
If I'm entertaining guests, I always serve a little something.  Again, an elaborate feast isn't necessary, even a cup of coffee will go a long way and make everything a bit more scintillating.

3. Serve the Gift
If someone has taken the time to bring me an edible or drinkable offering whilst visiting with me, I always serve it in their presence since it should be enjoyed with the guest who brought it.

4. Clean Soles
Albeit, I grew up in a country with four seasons and winters laced with muddied snow boots, I've never stopped doing the little two-step shuffle on a floor mat before entering someone's home. There's something really respectful about taking a moment to give my soles a little wipe before crossing the threshold.

5. Bite My Tongue
It's such a terrible feeling to be enjoying a meal of your choice only to have your dining companion comment on how disgusting your food is.  If my dining partner is eating something that is outside of my dietary preference, or belief system, I keep it to yourself.  It's none of their business what I think of their food and I am certain that they don't want to hear my tasteless opinion.

6. Arrive On Time
If I can help it, I'm either early or very punctual to my appointments.  It servers as a silent token of my respect for other people's time.

7. Return Policy
If I borrow anything, whether its something as insignificant as tupperware or as pressing as money, I always return it in a timely fashion.  The real trick is, to do it before the party that kindly lent it to me has had a chance to ask for it back. 

8. A Well Made Bed
This is a habit I've had for as long as I can remember. I see it as a small win before my day has even unfolded.  It’s an exercise in control, discipline and self-care.  The most rewarding part is having a beautifully made bed to greet me at the end of a long day.

9.  Book Covers
My mother was a notorious book lover and took great care of them.  She covered all her books with intricately deigned jackets that made her library look like a shelf of presents.  Sadly, this is the one habit I don't carry with me, but I do make it a point to cover my phone and laptop to protect them.

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With Love,

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