a day at the office with big purse, little purse

Hello, my name is Amy and I am a neat freak and need, nay, require order in order to function.  Just to give you an idea of my daily routine, here are just a few things that I do to maintain order in my life.  Every single night I dump my purse out, clean everything and put it back in the purse I intend to use the next day.  This routine includes grabbing my glass cleaning pouch, (which houses a glass cleaning spray and cloth) and always cleaning three items: my reading glasses, my sunglasses and my phone screen.

I'm also notorious for having designated pouches for everything.  I keep my headphones in a little white pouch to keep them clean and neat in my purse and I keep my extra phone charger in it's own separate zip pouch in case I'll be out all day and may need more apple juice.  If it's that time of the month, I keep my tampons in a repurposed, soft sunglass’ case to keep them neat and easily accessible in my purse.  This is especially handy if I need to make a trip to the ladies room at the office, and really beats shoving a tampon up my sleeve, which is the norm for many women.

My wallet is simple, a double kiss lock, vintage leather (it was my mother's).  One side is for folded cash, as Too Short said "20s on top and 50s on bottom," and cards on the other side, all in order of use, starting with my driver's license and ending with the least frequently used card.  I have a separate envelope style card case for business cards in the event I need to whip one out real quick for an exchange.

Every night I also clean the shoes I will wear the next day, both inside and out.  I'm partial to patent leather pumps and they can get scuffs or puddle stains or visible dust on them, which often require attention.  What can I say, for me it's all about the little details, perhaps it's the illusion of control.

Lastly, if I know I'm going to spend a long day at the office, I always grab my big purse to hold all of my necessary items, which might include a pair of flat shoes (in its own special pouch of course), umbrella (should the weather call for it), and possibly a snack (always in a brown paper bag).  The most important item in my big purse, is my little purse, usually a clutch, in case I need to head to a lunch meeting in the middle of the day and don't need to lug my entire daily luggage with me.

The little purse is the quick accessory that holds items necessary for a short outing: lip-gloss, tiny lotion, wallet, business cards, and sunglasses.  I've been using this rubric for almost a decade.  If I know it's going to be a long day, big purse and little purse are my go-to, daily must haves to create some order in all the beautiful chaos.

With Love,