FOREO, it's kind of a big deal

When I was doing a bit of online dating, I wanted my profile to be both intriguing and poetic, after all one is always a writer.  Of course, I forewent all the buzzwords like 'yoga,' 'hiking,' 'wine,' 'shopping,' and whatever else the LA crowd is all a glow about.  Instead, I carefully placed two phrases side by side, both ethereal and comedic (at least in my humble option).  My profile simply read: "Whiskey in a teacup.  98lbs of trouble."

I figured it would attract a certain kind of man; one with a taste for the finer things, the harsher things and one with an affinity for trouble, 98lbs of it to be exact.  I've always been a fan of understated elegance and the kind of simplicity that's almost cerebral in nature and absolutely relish the idea of conversing with just the eyes, of being able to say so much without speaking.

When I received my box of Foreo I was struck by its simplicity and the deliberate lack of conventional communication.  A white, minimalist package, the egg shaped contraption perched behind a hard, plastic window, like a coveted Barbie doll.  Inside, a grey drawstring bag, a short, white USB cord compatible with my iPhone wall plug or computer, and a tiny product guide, printed in micro sized font that I confess I could not read even when I squinted through my reading glasses.  I chuckled to myself wondering how to use it.

What I discovered was, I really didn't need a manual, due to its straightforward, intuitive and elegant design, there was nothing to figure out.  Suddenly I was smitten, "you mean we don't need words?"  Sometimes silence is such a very beautiful thing.  The little oblong beauty bauble feels like a hard plastic dressed in a rubber coat.  It's smooth to the touch, quite pleasant to handle, and almost like a stress toy you want to keep rubbing with your fingers and palm.

Foreo has two settings, labeled - and + separated by a caved in, unlabeled 'on' button between them.  The first setting is 'regular' mode, and the second is 'anti-aging.'  Favorite part?  It's completely waterproof and you can use it in the shower!  Ok, but you're wondering, so what does Foreo even do?  Two words dear reader, dermatological MAGIC!

It's recommended to use it for only one minute per wash and let me tell you, that one minute is plenty of time for it to work its wonders.  With a soft, almost lulling, pulsing vibration, this little guy gets to work immediately when it comes into contact with your skin.  Like an electric toothbrush, it vibrates to a rhythm, letting you know that it's time to move it to a new section of your face.  Using your favorite cleanser, you just go about your skin with circular motions until you've covered all the areas. 

But Amy, what does it do?  In short, it exfoliates your skin in the most pleasant and non-invasive manner.  I mean, I don't even have words to describe how great my skin felt to the touch after just one use, just one little, tiny minute of use!  This little thing packs a delightfully mean punch, and it is an investment with the D&D stamp of approval.

Pictured Foreo is for combination skin, but they have a variety to choose from depending on your personal needs.  Now, if you've managed to read this long-winded post, great news, I have a discount for you!  Happy shopping!

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With Love,