winter comforts and happiness everywhere with Happy Socks

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I was born with an unmistakably happy disposition, a kind or relentless optimism that's never really left me.  When I was in high school, one of my assignments was to create a radio station and give it a name, of course, without giving it a second thought, I dubbed it Happy Radio.  That's just the kind of person I've always been, going through life with a smart naiveté that seems to baffle people.  

If you dear reader, are also baffled, I will offer you this: we always have a choice, we can choose to see the best in things or the worst in things.  Happiness and optimism are just a choice, as is gratitude and appreciation.  And so, here I am, appreciating the changing cold season and the shorter, darker days.  I'm also happy about keeping my feet warm and fashionable in my houndstooth Happy Socks, which are now a permanent staple in my winter foot-wardrobe rotation.

With Love,

Photos by Mary