please and thank you, an homage to my followers

When I launched my blog I didn't know what kind of blogger I wanted to be, but I knew what kind of person who happened to be a blogger I wanted to be.  I remember recalling all the years I'd followed other bloggers and supported them, always feeling a tinge of disappointment at their lack of appreciation for their fans and followers.  In truth, there is no blogger without a following, no writer without a reader, and I knew that I would always aim to be both thankful and explicit about my gratitude.

Upon launching my blog, I was at zero, and my little corner of the internet was a barren desert of silence rivaling a polyphonic symphony of an orchestra of crickets.  So I worked hard, like really, really hard, building my brand, my readership and my following; one post, comment and follower at a time.  I always told myself that no matter where I was with my blog, I would always make the time to let my readers and followers know that they were seen, that they were heard, and that I appreciated them.

At first, there was the random comment here and there, and I always made sure to respond, reciprocating the electronic love at all times.  Fast-forward into my second year as a blogger and things are so different that I can hardly believe it.  My readership has grown, my following has expanded exponentially and I am extremely grateful for the recognition.  What was once a dry and lifeless internet address is now a destination of daily comments and engagement.  

I make it a point to respond to every comment and recognize that without all the people that stop by to say hello and show their support, there would be no reason for any of this.  And so, dear readers, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so, so very much.  I hope you know that I know that there is no me and no D&D without your love, and I jump for joy at the thought of your existence.

Thank you!

With Love,