Domain Weho, a sweet daydream of your own making

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Venue: Domain WeHo
7141 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046

There are days when I have no words, when I wish to write nothing, and just want to sit in solitude and get lost in someone else's words.  I want to do this dressed in my finest gown, drinking tea from my finest china and getting carried away in the opulence of my own creation.  All this for no other reason than to just be still, drifting in those one of a kind moments of respite, carefully threaded together by the kind of pleasure that refuses to listen to reason or argue with facts.

With the launch of my blog almost two years ago, I've had the privilege of visiting beautiful places and meeting amazing people along the way.  When I was invited to explore Domain Weho, I was both flattered and excited to take a peek at their penthouse and surrounding emanates (of which there are plenty).  Depending on how you enter, you are either greeted by a beautiful outdoor mural with pops of color, an inviting red staircase, or a very chic and fashionable lobby.  Upstairs there are several outdoor communal patios, one of which is home to an incredible view overlooking the iconic Hollywood sign in the far off distance.

Of course, exploring the penthouse was my favorite part, with natural light for days, dark hardwood floors and a beautiful balcony view perfect for watching the world pass you by.  It is the ultimate place to get lost in the pages of a book, take a long bubble bath, host an intimate cocktail party or just simply suspend yourself in a sweet daydream of your own making.  

Located in the heart of West Hollywood, Domain WeHo is a destination worth checking out.

With Love,