joie de Vera with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

It was a lazy, Wednesday afternoon, and my friend Lisa and I checked-in for our daily text exchange.  Topics included: the double digit LA heat wave, Hurricane Harvey, and the time slowing boredom that had plagued us both with a case of garden variety, work doldrums.   

We corresponded about which charity we should donate to for hurricane relief and how unimaginably upside-down some people's lives must have been due to the devastation of the floods.  After some research, we ultimately decided on Best Friends, a no-kill animal rescue with boots on the ground in Texas. 

Commiserating over how unbearably hot it was outside; she also confessed that it was so cold in her office that she had the space heater running at her desk.  We both lol'd about the seemingly trivial, 'first world' problems we were dealing with while some people just two states over had lost their homes, and even their lives.  I fired off my next text to her with this sudden revelation.  "We should be so lucky to be bored and hot."  It was an unabashedly accurate statement and we both knew it.

The French have many phrases that I really love, but the one that's most apropos at the moment is "joie de vivre," and it means "exuberant enjoyment of life."  It's easy to get wrapped up in tiny inconveniences sometimes, and every day, perhaps every moment, in it's own way, is an opportunity to practice unprecedented gratitude for just being able hold on to one's normal life.  A lesson to really, truly appreciate everything and strive for an exuberant enjoyment of life, with the understanding that a literal or intangible, unannounced hurricane can just barge in any moment and take it all away in one fell swoop.

You know how much I like a good play on words, and it's apropos that the lovely sofa I'm sitting on in the first couple of shots is called Vera.  I think every piece at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams can conjure a state of exuberance, making it easy to remember to practice the enjoyment of life while surrounded by such beautiful, effortless opulence. 

With Love,