90210 living with Hotel Beverly Terrace

Every time I travel, I realize how lucky I am to call LA my home.  Arguably, it's one of the best place to live in the world.  We have sunshine for days, and virtually everything that you desire is a short distance away.  Wanna take a hula-hoop aerobics class?  I kid you not we have that.  Want vegan ice cream, authentic ethnic food, an html class?  We have it all, and then some.  Your heart's desire is just fingertips away when you're in LA.

As a long time resident here, I forget how much the city has to offer because I'm too busy living here and don't take nearly enough time to explore it.  Hotels in particular are a favorite on my list of offerings in LA, and if you know me, you know I'm a sucker for all things old Hollywood.  In fact, I think my ideal date night will always include cocktails at an old, charming, boutique hotel.

Hotel Beverly Terrace is the quintessential small, chic, and delightful hotel located in beautiful Beverly Hills 90210.  They have 39 fashionable rooms set around a garden courtyard and a lovely outdoor living room perfect for year round lounging and of course cocktails!

Hungry?  Inside their quint Café Amici Restaurant & Bar, they offer a classic Italian menu and hotel guests have the added benefit of enjoying a complimentary breakfast.  Chef Giovanni makes the best asparagus soup I have ever tasted.  

With artful decor and classic mid- century charm, Hotel Beverly Terrace is as chic as chic gets.  

A special thank you to Jose and Giovanni for hosting us.

With Love,