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Glendale, California

As a writer, I have the privilege of meeting with fascinating, accomplished and unequivocally interesting people and hoping that I give their story justice through my words.  Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeraldine Saunders, a fellow writer and creator of the hit television show The Love Boat, which ran on ABC from 1976-1986.  Needless to say it was an absolute dream to sit down with the trailblazing maven inside her fashionable, hilltop home.

At ninety-three, she is sexy, sultry, elegant, articulate and oh so striking and inspiring.  It turns out she's also somewhat of an authority on the subject of astrology.  "When's your birthday?" she asked me, deviating from our script.  "April 27th," I responded.  There was a long pause as she pondered the date before replying.  "It's a very strong birthday, you love nice things don't you?"  It was a simple observation but rang so true, why yes, yes I do love nice things.  She continued, "they say if a Taurus falls into a hole, they'll decorate it."  I chucked at this comical but accurate statement.

"Are you thinking about moving or redecorating now?" she asked.  It was my turn to pause, how did she know I'd been going stir crazy with the arrangement in my apartment lately?  "Actually, I'm in want of redecorating my entire life," I offered.  She giggled with agreement and continued, "lots of excitement is coming up in your life."  

We went on with our official Q&A, but her words danced in my head.  I think that's why I gravitate toward the Altana so much, the entire place is the epitome of 'nice things,' and they just let me prance around taking pictures and living in the moment.  Their signature hashtag is "LiveAltana" and it couldn't be more appropriate.  If you're ever in the neighborhood, be sure to pop in for a tour, you will not be disappointed and the staff is extremely nice and accommodating.

In closing, the lovely Jeraldine left me with a phrase of wisdom.  "Remember, you tend to move forward that upon which you dwell, so dwell well."  

With Love,


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