true romance

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Some years ago, I dated a fellow writer, and we soon discovered that we were kindred spirits due to our mutual ardent love of rhymes.  Sidebar: if it was socially acceptable, all of my correspondence would likely be in spoken word format.  

And so, in true Shakespearian fashion (fit for a digital era), we took to our phones and began a courtship entirely comprised of intricate rhymes.  It went on for weeks, each text message longer than the last, more complex than the former, packed with compound syllables, metaphors, similes, alliterations, and iambic pentameter galore.  

To say he was good with words would be an understatement, and he was (to my flattery of course) equally impressed with my rhyme skills and my rhyme schemes.  We probably wracked up hours upon hours of free form rhymes wrapped in raw emotion all crammed into tiny text boxes over and over again.  We'd tell each other about our day, how we felt, who we were.  Our deep and trivial information exchange was a pleasant constant, and admittedly, quite narcotic.  We'd get into debates laced with lyrical genius and play on words while we both ate it up like a couple of hungry poets.  

In a way it was one of the most romantic affairs of my life, because to me, good conversation brushed in stokes of painted poetry is quite orgasmic when done right.  It's hard to recall exactly what both of our rhymes were about so many years later, but what really stands out to me is three simple little phrases. "Looks like you're working late, have you eaten, have you ate?"  These choice words were sandwiched between a recap of his day, and our evening plans.

Maybe it was the way the rhyme read, or perhaps I was famished when I read the words, but it's stuck with me through the years, and has come to be one of the most romantic questions a person can ask me.  "Have you eaten?"  It's so rudimentary, fundamental, necessary and yet, so powerful.  "Are you hungry? I want to feed you, nourish you, take care you... love you."  These may not sound like the most romantic words to the passer by, but as far as I'm concerned, it's up there with, "I love you," and "you're so pretty."

I'm excited to be partnering with Shop Do'Lache Space and wearing a shirt that to me, signifies true romance.  So when in doubt, look to the shirt and, just "feed me and tell me I'm pretty."  

With Love,