Location Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams at the Glendale Galleria
2227 Glendale Galleria 
Glendale, CA 91210

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"I have one request..." he texted, and then another followed, "no perfume."  There was a longer pause followed by another text, "I want to know what you smell like."  "K," I responded, not really knowing what else to say and not exactly sure that I actually was ok with it.  I'd spent most of my life cultivating the perfect perfumed concoction that was 'me.'  My signature scent, that distinct, 'this is how Amy smells' elixir that was as much a part of my identity as my raven hair, my ear to ear smile or the pair of prominent moles on my left cheek.

And so I reluctantly began getting ready, fighting the urge to reach for my Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion after my shower, the same lotion I'd been addicted to for more years than I could count.  It was a strange sensation to say the least.  I put on my little black dress and glanced longingly at my dresser, the bottle of my unisex perfume taunting me, calling my name, 'need me, want me, spray me Amy,' as if it said.  I turned my head away, took one last look in the mirror, and feeling somewhat incomplete, dashed out the door.

In the car, I smelled my wrist, what used to be home to an aromatic amalgamation of my signature scent was now just bare skin, with a faint scent of barely there soap, and it was somehow pure, somehow enough.  In that moment I realized that I didn't even really know what I smelled like.  Always enveloped in lotion and cloaked in perfume, I'd been living in some impenetrable bubble, a floral shield, without ever questioning it.

When we were together, I confessed to him that I'd never not worn some sort of a scent on me for as long as I could remember.  "You smell great, you don't need that stuff," he replied.  It was a different kind of naked I'd never experienced, and much to my surprise and to my dismay, I kind of loved the feeling.

Being a blogger is a different kind of naked too, a vulnerability I've really fallen in love with.  That very love has given me the opportunity to spend some time at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams at the Glendale Galleria.  I got to frolic around barefoot in my evening gown, samplings their beds, sofas and unique works of art like a Parisian socialite.  

Their staff is beyond wonderful and made me feel like I could live there, with or without perfume.

With Love,


  1. I knew this going to be a good one. ;)

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