puppy love with Boutique Me

Otterbox Custom Phone Case in Collaboration with Boutique Me
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It was about nine years ago when I first saw her.  She belonged to my mother's neighbors, a tiny, white ball of fluff with springy movements and three tiny black dots on her face acting as a pair of eyes and a heart-shaped nose.  It looked more like she was just a toy for the two young children than an actual pet, the rope tied around her neck as a makeshift leash and collar made my chest hurt as I watched from a distance.

"Not your problem" I whispered to myself as I walked by, "don't make eye contact, just keep walking soldier."  And so I kept my head straight and strong, and marched past the kids and the pup without so much as a friendly smile.  I could feel the pups eyes burning a hole in my back as I treaded on and stood my ground.  The next day it was the same song and dance but this time she got to me, and as I walked by that narrow walkway through the garage, she hopped at my leg like an animated stuffed toy.  Our eyes locked and I melted, fighting the urge to touch her, I forced myself not to disintegrate into a puddle of love and continued walking.

Some days later my mother got a call from one of her other neighbors, "you need to come and get this puppy, they are getting ready to take her to a park and leave her there."  My mother of course, was an extreme animal lover and quickly went to the rescue.  When I came by that night, imagine my surprise when I found this familiar face nestled in her lap.  "What is this?" I asked, puzzled, and my mother explained the situation and the inhumane way with which this little helpless thing was going to be disposed of.

That night we had a family meeting, "we're not keeping the dog" we all agreed, "we don't want any pets" we unanimously voted.  We decided of course to keep her until we found a good home and began to aggressively ask around to see what we could find.  Meanwhile, this little puff ball, just sat there quietly staring at me, as we all decided her fate.  The first night, she slept in my bed, curled up in a corner like she was afraid to be seen or inconvenience anyone.  It was a Saturday morning and I slept it, and I still remember waking up to that sweet little face staring at me, watching me sleep in what I can only describe as complete adoration.

Needless to say, it's been nine years and we never did give her away.  She's lived in many different places with me, and we've had many adventures together.  She continues to be the the little love of my life and has brought me insurmountable joy.  Honestly, I think she picked me, that day when our eyes first locked and decided she wanted and needed me as her keeper.  

I'm so thrilled to have partnered with Boutique Me for a custom made Otterbox phone case featuring Mississippi Olive Asaturyan, the sweetest, smartest, most neurotic little Bichon Frise.  If you could personalize your own phone case, what would it look like and what story would it tell?  

With Love,

Photos by Mary Levani