forgetting what time it is with JORD

The winner will receive a $100 e-gift code to JORD! All other entrants will receive a $25 consolation e-gift code at the close of the contest.

Contest ends at 11:59 CST 04/23/17 and both gift codes expire 06/25/17

I've always considered myself to be plagued by profound contradictions.  We're no different you and I, we both want the same opposing things I think.  I know that I often desire to be silent, and yet I relish to hear the sound of my own voice.  I know that I know nothing, but I'm quick to always offer my wisdom.  I wish to be possessed but I want to belong to no one.  I am strong yet fragile, trapped and liberated at the same time.  Most of all, I am spontaneous and calculating, content and yet always in some sort of perpetual longing.  But perhaps my most interesting contradiction is my desire to wear a fashionable watch while I deliberately attempt to forget what time it is.

Isn't it romantic?  The idea of forgetting what time it is?  Going on an adventure, getting lost in thought, or better yet, lost in another person?  The first time I traveled alone, I of course found myself strolling the streets of Paris longing to meet new people and get lost in their world.  I was many miles and several time zones away from home and it was a surreal feeling to be so disconnected from everything and everyone I knew.  I remember glancing at my watch, which was still on LA time, just to feel a little closer to home.  

It didn't take long for me to manifest a companion, and soon a local Frenchman offered to show me around town.  He didn't speak a word of English and I was okay with that.  It's remarkable how easily your eighth grade French makes a comeback when your gentleman caller speaks no other tongue.  (Shootout to Ms. Ravitz for making us speak only in French during class for an entire year.) 
Truthfully, I don't even recall his name, I just remember us making small talk about how hot it was, and other minutiae as we strolled around the Eiffel Tower like a cliche movie.  It was all pleasant, it was what I had wanted and yet I felt one of my contradictions creep in.  I realized that although it was nice to have company, I suddenly longed to roam the streets of Paris alone, on my time, doing things that were just for me, things that I didn't have to share with anyone.

Watches Made From Wood I remember trying to sum up the right French words to tell my companion that I wanted to part ways.  It's harsh enough to saying it fluent English, never mind trying to make is smooth in broken French.  Alas I succeeded and was once again free to be alone in a foreign city, forgetting what time it was and not needing to share the moments with anyone else.  But sharing is caring, so I'm excited to share my collaboration and giveaway with JORD.  A fashionable must have when you want to wear a time piece while forgetting what time it is.

When it comes to picking the right woman's watch, I have to confess that I have tiny wrists, and I've always opted for a thin, tiny design so that it doesn't overpower my wrist.  Tiny or not, it has to be a cool watch, am I right?  I've only ever worn watches with bands made out of leather or some sort of metal and never even considered one made out of wood, which makes for a unique watch and definitely a conversation piece.

I was a little nervous putting on this watch because of its larger face, although I relish borrowing from the men and at a glance, on my tiny wrist, this might actually pass for a man's watch.  In a nutshell, this is now my go-to accessory and it generates compliments everywhere I go.  It's the lightest, most comfortable thing I've ever put on my wrist and I'm a little obsessed with it.  I think you'll agree and hope you win the giveaway and see for yourself.

With Love,

Photos by Mary Levani