When I was in the entertainment industry, the country was in a recession, the Writers Guild strike was trying to make a statement and work wasn't always easy to come by.  If you want to move up in Hollywood, you hire a "Call-In Service" (kind of like an agent) that gets you gigs based on your availability and what you're willing to do.  Sounds risky right?  

One day I got a call to work on a Jim Carrey movie called "Yes Man."  "Are you ok with nudity?"  There was a pause and then I said, "sure."  Before we get carried away here, it's not what you think, well... not really.  There's a scene in the film where a large auditorium is full of people in their underwear (TV version) and buck naked (theater version), because they give their clothes away to charity.  "Ok great, they'll provide nipple pasties on set, bring your own nude thong, as close to your skin color as possible... oh and a robe for between takes."  The woman on the phone hung up and I thought, where the hell do I get a nude thong on such short notice?

The next day I found myself at The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood sitting in "holding" as they call it, with hundreds of other aspiring, soon to be naked actors.  We were all in robes, mine was a Japanese kimono, because, hey fashion is fashion right?  I got fitted with my pasties, donned my nude thong and we all made our may to the auditorium in our robes, which we deposited in a bin off camera.        

If you've never been on a set before, let's just say a two minute scene can take up to twelve hours, except this time, it was twelve naked hours.  So there we were, hundreds of strangers, in a room, with nothing but thongs and pasties on, men and women of all ages in our birthday suits.  The truth is, since we were all naked, we didn't care, no one seemed self-conscious, no one was a pervert, we all just bonded, laughed, and had a blast.  I should mention that it was freezing, and we'd warm ourselves up with hot tea between takes.

It's liberating to take it all off sometimes, especially in solidarity.  I have yet to see the movie, or even know if my nearly naked self made the cut, but the experience was both entertaining and revealing in many ways.  I think it's good for the soul to be naked on occasion, not so much literally, but to be exposed can be a beautiful thing.  

With Love,