be the current

Clutch Kate Spade; Culottes James Perse; Shirt J.Crew
Vintage Blazer; Shoes Jessica Simpson

I am nothing if not a stream of water being carried away by the current.  Someone told me once that I should try to be the current, to which I say, yes I've been there, and it was glorious.  I'm packing my bags to go back there again as an adult.   

This is a story about getting what you want by being the current.  A tale of unlimited possibilities of middle school proportions, and for lack of a better phrase, making shit happen.

It's circa 1995, I'm in 8th grade, cell phones have not yet been invented, white eyeliner is cool and initial belts are all the rage.  The school is holding auditions for the annual play, and you know how much I crave to be on stage, so naturally I need to get into that production.  One of my friends is in the drama class, and has a copy of the playbook.  I borrow it, read it in one night, pick the character I want to play, memorize the lines and show up to the audition ready to win it.  It's a comedy called 'Help I'm Trapped in High School.' The character I want to play is an old lady named Evelina, the tyrant principal's secretary and an undercover FBI agent on the 'Granny Squad.'  I mean it's perfect am I right?!

To my disappointment, I'm told that I can't audition since I'm not enrolled in the drama class.  Do I pack it up and give up?  How could I?  That part belongs to me.  Instead, I ask if I can stick around and watch.  I witness another student audition for my part, but I'm not bothered, I'm determined.  

I return the next day, and ask if I could sit in on the rehearsals, pick a seat in the front row and watch the other student play my part.  I'm still not bothered, in fact I continue to attend every rehearsal for two weeks, front and center, minding my own business.  Week three, the director approaches me and offers me the understudy part for the role I want.  I graciously accept and continue showing up to every rehearsal.  It seems I've managed to inch my way into the cast.

Eyes on the prize, I still want the part, I don't care how I'll get it, in fact it's none of my business how, I just know and feel that it belongs to me.  Two weeks before its showtime, the student playing my part has some family emergency and moves out of state overnight.  The director asks if I can step in, it's kind of a surreal moment.  I know all the lines because I've been practicing in my head for weeks. 

The show is a great success, the stage is my playground and the director tells me that I not only saved the show but I stole it.  

I think maybe we can all move mountains if we don't worry about how to do it, but know and believe that it will get done.        

With Love,