be your own vogue

Necklace Mirina Collections; Dress H&M
Clutch Kate Spade; Shoes Christian Louboutin; Sunglasses Polaroid Eyewear

I remember the very first time I flipped through a fashion magazine, I must have been four or five and I was utterly mesmerized.  The scented pages invited my into their decadent world of opulence and style, while the sweet fragrance of fine eau de parfum seduced me completely.  I knew then, that when I grew up, I wanted to be that kind of woman.  I wanted to be elegant, fashionably dressed and effortlessly graceful while a narcotic bouquet of floral whimsy wafted along with me as I made my way through this world.

The internet has made it possible for anyone who cares to, who dares to, to be their own fashion magazine, to be their own vogue, and to do it all on their terms and for this I am eternally grateful.  I am so much more than a fashion blogger, I'm a writer, an artist, a comedian, a professional and so, so, so much more.  Most of I all, I am that woman I wanted to grow up and be.

We are so much more than the clothes we wear, but they are just as important because of how they make us feel, and how they allow us to present ourselves to the world. We might all be saying "hey look at me!" but that's only because when you finally look, we'll have something more important than clothes to tell you about.    

I'm excited to join Mirina Collections as an ambassador and rock this awesome Holly Golightly style necklace.  Are you your own vogue?

With Love,