social experiment


Umbrella Forever 21; Dress H&M; Coat Zara; Shoes Jessica Simpson; Kimono Velvet Hues

I must confess that I fall in love often, daily really, and I love that quality about myself the most.  I fall in love with new words, new styles, new people, new music and anything else that might be sparkly, beautiful or thought provoking.  

As of late, I've been falling in love with people a lot, all of them; and decided to start a social experiment of sorts.  Although I live in LA, I do my fair share of walking.  Recently, I've begun smiling at anyone and everyone on the street, and it's been nothing short of delightful.  They've all smiled back, and we've instantly, even if for a fleeting moment, been falling in love with one another. 

I wanted to take this a step further and began consciously trying to be the happiest person in every room.  Only allowing happy thoughts to enter my mind has somehow attracted equally happy people into my world, and I've been finding myself getting lost in the bliss of our collective happiness every chance I get.

It's a strange feeling, to be so connected to others, and while I've been helping them find their happy counterpart in me, they've reciprocated this gesture completely.  I plan on keeping it up, hopefully forever, and invite you to give it a try, the results are nothing short of marvelous.

Oh yeah and about his outfit: a little lace, a lot of plaid and whole lot of cozy and romantic.   

With Love,


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