pursuit of pleasure

Shirt H&M; Pants Fit Cover Collective; Purse Kate Spade; Shoes Madora

Lately I've devoted myself to the pursuit of pleasure; not in the conventional sense, more in the finding pleasure in all things sense.  The warmth of the sun, the sound of the rain, delicious nachos, kisses, their all the same to me, because I choose them to be.

It's such a simple concept, but we so often forget just how magnificent life really is.  I think about all the wonderful things that my life has in it and my heart wants to burst.  Love, friends, sleep, food, conversation, warmth, memories, technology, the list is endless.

Technology has made everything so convenient hasn't it?  I mean the shortest distance between two people is a text and the shortest distance between you and the perfect accessory is an app.  That's how I snagged these little back sandals.  Have you tried the Madora app yet? They have accessories for days, and I'm a sucker for modern conveniences in my endless pursuit of pleasure.

With Love,