'sleek and chic' with outblush

Shirt J.Crew; Pants Christian Lacroix; Purse Kate Spade; Watch Marc Jacobs; Sunglasses Polaroid Eyewear;  
Guest appearance by: Mississippi Olive Asaturyan

Most women have a closet full of clothes, but yet never have anything wear.  I'm on a mission to change that am excited about partnering with Outblush for my 'Sleek and Chic' collection.  What if we loved every single piece in our closet?  What if that love extended into every other aspect of our lives?  Keeping things sleek, chic and simple is a great way to collect timeless, versatile staples and in the process also simplify our lives.

I don't like clothes with conditions, the "if I wear this dress I have to wear these shoes with it."  I like to be able to mix things up, surprise myself, and do things a bit outside of the box sometimes.  My curated 'Sleek and Chic' Outblush collection contains seamless pieces that can be easily mixed, matched and accessorized.  'Sleek and Chic' stays within the confines of simple, sophisticated blacks, whites and shades grey and nude.   

From lunch to brunch to drinks to the office, there is a romper, dress, jumpsuits, coat and everything in between with your name on it.  Add a few sassy heels and bags to boot and you're sure to find something you like love.  While you're at it, think about how you can simplify some complicated things in your life and shed a bit of the old, to make room for the new.

With Love,