cool in culottes

Culottes James Perse; Vest H&M; Shoes Steve Madden; Clutch Kate Spade

When I launched my blog back in April, I was meticulous about doing everything just right.  I spent days agonizing over the name, the design and the brand.  I also spent days making sure it looked just right before I pulled the trigger.  The irony is that it's evolved a lot since then, and I've made some changes along the way and will likely continue to edit and tweak it to my liking.  

The point is, nothing is ever perfect from the beginning, and it's the beauty of the process and the evolution where I think the most important moments live.  I'm not as uptight about it these days, and just let it evolve as it pleases, never committing to any of it completely and always being open to improvements and new ways of doing things.  

Feeling cool in these culottes as I channel my inner James Dean and brood quite seriously as I lean against an oversized door frame, or gaze into the distance waiting for the next train.  

With Love,