serene splendor

Shoes Jessica Simpson; Vintage Dress; Venue Altana Glendale

There's magic in the air, a cool morning breeze and a perfectly overcast sky.  The sun gods favor me this morning, as I explore the Altana Glendale rooftop with my summer parasol.  It’s an unexpected oasis proudly nestled on the corner of Central Ave. and Doran St.

I relish the unexpected, the different, and the things that rumors and interesting conversations are made of.  With that same frame of mind, I don a crisp white shirt-dress, only it's backwards, collar off the shoulder on one side, with a black belt to tie it all together.  

Like my outfit, their apartments are thought provoking.  One can't help but feel glamorous while enveloped in the confines of their bright, white walls or long to sit on the balcony for hours listening to the lulling cadence of busy traffic.  

With Love,