serious comedienne

Dress H&M; Shoes Christian Louboutin; Clutch Kate Spade

I've always been a serious person, even as a child, I felt the need to keep a straight face and a stoic persona.  Practical jokes and pranks never really resonated with me, and getting pinched for not wearing green on St. Patty's day never generated a giggle or playful laugh.  Is it supposed to?  Instead, I've always resorted to what I can only describe as a "collected" demeanor, which is certainly not a member of the "fun" family.    

Ironically, I'm an improv comedienne often laughing and attempting to be hilarious on stage.  As a member of several professional networking organizations, I'm constantly meeting new people and smiling and laughing my way through conversations.  I suppose there's a time to be serious and a time to be fun.

Photo-shoots are a serious business, lighting, angles and other external elements all make it a pretty interesting endeavor.  Much to the above photos' chagrin, I'm actively trying and learning not to take myself too seriously.  Are you? 

With Love,