easy breezy

Dress H&M; Shoes Jessica Simpson; Sunglasses Polaroid Eyewear; Clutch Kate Spade

I wear a lot of little black dresses; not only because I love the minimalist simplicity of it all, but also because there is an effortless quality about it.  No frills, no bells, no whistles or shiny ribbons are necessary to complete the look.  Although there is something undeniably charming about a woman who looks like she spent hours perfecting her look, there is also a certain allure to the woman who just stepped outside after throwing on her little back dress and lip-gloss. 

One of my personal goals is to try to live an effortless life, to just let things happen without unnecessary mental anguish or exertion.  There are moments when over-thinking things becomes an overwhelming, convoluted mess instead of the beautiful, impromptu thing it set out to be.  I want those moments to be like a little black dress, sheer perfection and fluidity resulting in an easy and impeccable outcome. 

When was the last time you just let things be?  Or put on that little black dress and gracefully dashed out the door?

With Love,