party of one

Dress H&M; Clutch Kate Spade; Shoes Jessica Simpson; Sunglasses Polaroid Eyewear

When my words need a moment to themselves, I like to take some time for myself.  I take them out to lunch, a latte or even a jog through the neighborhood to help me collect them.  

As a writer, words are my life,  and everything depends on how I put them together.  Sometimes, there's really nothing to say, while at other times there's just too much.  I try to find that balance between spoken words, written words, thoughts and  the silence between them.  

Sometime, "Amy, party of one," is exactly what my words and I crave.  And doing it all in a little black dress?  Well, that's just how we do things over at Doodles and Dresses.  

With Love,