all that plaid

Vintage Coat; Sunglasses Polaroid Eyewear; Clutch Kate Spade; Shoes Jessica Simpson

For as long as I can remember, I've had an affinity for coats.  In fact, the only reason I would welcome a storm is for an opportunity to don one of my favorite cold weather garments.  In another life, before my ardent love for minimalism, my coat-closet was full of autumn fabrics, patiently awaiting a cool breeze or a rainy day.  I used to muse that I had a different coat for every winter day in LA, which isn't much, but as far as garbs are concerned, it's plenty. 

Presently, my cold weather wardrobe is home to only a few choice coats, including this vintage little plaid number here.  While most of my other coats are practical and designed to mix and match with most outfits, I can't help but keep this piece around for when I'm feeling fashionably adventurous.  I've lost count of the number of compliments this plaid beauty has received.

In my simplistic world of black, grey and beige, this is my wild card.  What's yours?

With Love,