Dress, Shirt, Blazer H&M; Sunglasses Polaroid Eyewear; Clutch Kate Spade

My friend Lisa and I are living very different but strangely similar lives, always a few paces ahead or behind one another, our lives mirroring and twisting and turning with the tides.  As a way to console each other, we try to reference water when we each find an appropriate moment to reflect on the current circumstances of each another's realities.  

For the past couple of years, every decision we've both made has been the right one, that's somehow turned into the wrong one, only to lead us to the right one, to suddenly go wrong.  We've laughed about it, laughed a lot actually, always reminding each other that we are like water, rolling with the stream, being carried off to our next adventure.  We even have a shorthand now when we're texting, "#water" to artfully articulate all the truths we know with just one word. 

I'm practicing being water these days, along with Lisa, waiting so see where the current takes us.   

Mary and I chose this location because I've been meaning to write about water and it just seemed so apropos.  This dress elegantly flowing in the wind, the petal and leaf patterned fabric fitting so perfectly with the backdrop.  My secret to all this pouf and body?  A petticoat of course.  

With Love,