par avion

Shirt H&M; Vintage Skirt (Dress); Shoes Christian Louboutin; Clutch Kate Spade

I'm a sucker for unexpected pairings in an outfit.  Like a pair of chic sweats with heels (I do this often), a leather jacket with a ball gown, or a loose T-shirt with a fitted blazer and torn boyfriend jeans.

Although this outfit doesn't provide a shocking contrast, it does have an element of surprise; a little tule, a stitch of sequin, and a crisp white shirt to bring it all together.  My favorite piece is that white Kate Spade Par Avion clutch.  I get compliments wherever I go, and it's even been mistaken for an actual air mail package on occasion.   The red and blue piping is just darling, and a great compliment to a pop of red on the signature Louboutin bottoms.

With Love,