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Dress H&M; Sunglasses Polaroid Eyewear

With wedding and gala season in full swing, having an arsenal of a few choice dresses is the key to always looking and feeling your best (at least in my humble option).  I've learned that scrambling last minute, or sometimes even not so last minute, to find the perfect dress for that fast approaching event, can prove to be more than a little challenging.  Falling victim to defeat and having that old familiar "I guess I'll have to settle for this one" internal dialogue, can make the difference between feeling fabulous or mostly adequate at that black tie affair.      

So what's a girl to do?  Take a page from my book and never scramble for that perfect gown again.  Instead, always be looking; the best things present themselves when we are not searching for them, and fabulous dresses are no exception.  When you spot something you like, snag it, even if there is no particular event on the horizon, surely one will soon present itself.  Remember the old adage, "nothing haunts us like things things we didn't buy."  

Be practical, only buy what you love, never buy it for just one occasion, and make sure you get a lot of miles out of it before it's finally retired.  Sustainable evening dresses are just as important as any other wardrobe staple.  Want yet another benefit?  Wearing something that didn't just come off the rack at the most popular store will ensure that you wont come face to face with another fashionista wearing the same dress as you.    

I snagged this little number, long before I had any plans of wearing it, and then of course, plenty of plans presented themselves as they always do.  Nothing like a little exposed back on an otherwise modest mermaid silhouette.  

With Love,