little black dressing

Dress H&M; Sunglasses Polaroid Eyewear; Shoes Christian Louboutin; Clutch Kate Spade

In my younger days, dresses were a symbol or ethereal whimsy and color play.  Pops of reds, pinks and yellows, bold prints and a flower in my hair to match, encompassed my signature look and my go to uniform.  In my defense, those early twenties are full of ostentatious vanity and every day feels like dress-up, at it least it felt that way to me.  Glitter eye shadow, the proverbial cat-eye eyeliner and a rainbow of dresses in my closet, epitomized my fashion existence and my easily recognizable look.  I used to believe that black was reserved for funerals and mourners alike and for the longest time didn't own a single black garment.  

At present, it's quite the opposite, most of my wardrobe is black, you'll never catch me with any sort of eyeliner or glitter for that matter, and I'm better for it.  I've come to really appreciate the "less is more" manta and try to live a minimalist life with a few choice little black dresses and peace of mind. 

More on my minimalist life later.

With Love,