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Uber and Lyft - the pros and cons of rideshare commuting

It’s been over a year and a half since I’ve had a car key, car insurance, or a car.  I’ve traded parking meters, garages, washes and oil changes for drop offs, back seats, and long-winded conversations with strangers.  
But why you ask?  The more appropriate question is, when?  Before the era of rideshare apps, it was utterly inconceivable to be sans car in LA.  With poor (and let's be honest), pretty depressing public transit options, the best way to get around La-La land was always à la car.
Then, Uber and Lyft were born and though I wasn’t at all an early adapter, I’ve certainly been a very frequent user for the past 18 plus months.  What were once tiny star-up eggs have hatched into a behemoth service, forever changing this Angelino's life.  
While most West Coasters limit their indulgence of rideshare pleasures to alcohol laced weekend outings and special occasions, some of us have opted to make it our primary mode of transpiration.  We’ve replaced our driver’s seat with…

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