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the trifecta triangle

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Variations of the phrase, “just because someone wrote it, it doesn’t make it true,” have likely been floating about society like solitarily thought balloons, for a long time.  Arguably, the very birth of all things fiction was quite literally spawned from that one single thought. 

There is something about the written word, the way it flirts with you, memorialized on a page, as if it really is carved in stone, that just cannot be ignored. We all love saying things like “I read this article once…” followed by perhaps a less eloquent regurgitation of supposed ‘facts,’ validating it as an unmistakable doctrine of truth, a gospel worth evangelizing. 

Surely, if it was written, then it must be accurate and even recited from memory in all of its impressive glory.  The truth is, pun intended of course, that it’s not true, not always at least, and we writers love to use our creative license and cunning rhetoric to shout things from our laptop…

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