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the art of the interview - how to be a killer journalist

The production assistant hands me my notes and I skim over the pages memorizing the important things; names, places, dates, etc.  The director yells “action!” and even though it’s been a long day and I’m tired, the lights come on, I smile big for the cameras and open with my intro before diving into the first question. 
Except there is no camera, there is just me, and the person or people that I’m about to interview for a feature story I’m writing.  The notes are a questionnaire that I just glanced over in front of their door before I knocked on it.  It has in fact been a long day though, and this introvert is about to smile the smile of a thousand Oprahs for the next hour.
I find that in my ‘real life’ conversations with people, I tend to do a lot of talking, it’s in my nature, I can’t help it, it must be some sort default setting.  Offering my opinions, advice, and anecdotes at the right intervals to create a perfectly balanced conversation at a cocktail party, a coffee shop or ove…

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