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5 easy ways to practice minimalism + SOLOSOCKS

In the words of the great Tyler Durden:  “You buy furniture. You tell yourself, this is the last sofa I will ever need in my life.  Buy the sofa, then for a couple years you're satisfied that no matter what goes wrong, at least you've got your sofa issue handled.  Then the right set of dishes.  Then the perfect bed.  The drapes.  The rug.  Then you're trapped in your lovely nest, and the things you used to own, now they own you.” 
Although I'm always in search of that perfect sofa and do on occasion purchase a set of dishes that I simply must have.  For the past 3 years, I've also been religiously practicing minimalism and it has changed me for the better.  Holding onto things is usually an emotional attachment, and I believe that actively practicing that art of letting go is a kind of mental health necessity.  Just ask any hoarder how much anxiety their stuff gives them, and how much more anxiety the thought of losing their stuff gives them. 
I think the more we …

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